Family Enjoys Whole-Home Air Purifier

Benefits of Installing a Whole-Home Air Purifier in Chambersburg, PA

October 10, 2020

The quality of indoor air you breathe determines your respiratory and overall health. A whole-home air purifier helps clean the air and reduce symptoms resulting from exposure to polluted air. Residents of Chambersburg, PA, can experience the following benefits from an air purifier installation:

Minimal Allergens and Contaminants

Indoor air may contain toxins and other contaminants that cause allergic reactions. An air purifier filters and cleans the air you breathe, eliminating about 99% of the allergens and contaminants. The connection between the air purifier and your HVAC system heats and cools the air to purify it.

Healthy Air

Using a whole-home air purifier benefits your respiratory health. Poor air quality in your environment aggravates conditions such as obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. The air purifier will also help lower chances of household members developing certain cancers and heart conditions.

Cost Effectiveness

Investing in small air purifiers results in higher initial and operational costs, as an independent unit may serve only a room or two. Installing a whole-home air purifier allows you to cover the entire house and adequately purify the air. Due to the efficiency of the air purifier, you’ll need minimal HVAC repairs and filter changes, so you’ll save money, too.


A whole-home air purifier helps to conserve space, as you can integrate its ductwork with that of the HVAC system. It also helps prevent the occurrence of biological growth, which leads to poor air quality. The whole-home air purifier helps you to achieve excellent air quality that’s uniform in the entire house all day long.

Elimination of Bad Odors

Indoor activities such as cooking and smoking cause unpleasant odors that lower the air quality. Installing an air purifier helps you trap the airborne particles causing the odors, resulting in cleaner air. The air purifier can be a wise investment, letting you save on expenses, reduce operational costs and achieve excellent air quality.

Do you need knowledgeable, reliable service technicians to install a whole-home air purifier or perform other indoor air quality services? If so, contact Cumberland Valley Heating & Air Conditioning.

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