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Most folks don’t think about indoor air quality very often, but it can have a profound effect on your health. If you have respiratory difficulties or want to enhance your family’s well-being, Cumberland Valley Heating & Air Conditioning can suggest an air cleaner, humidifier or ventilator that addresses your concerns. We’re a Trane Comfort Specialist that has been providing IAQ solutions to Hagerstown, Maryland, since 1988.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

In the United States, more than 100 million homes use central heating and cooling equipment. Forced-air HVAC systems are convenient and efficient. However, they can harbor contaminants, and the continuous air movement can push allergens throughout your home. Due to the variety of indoor pollutants, most buildings benefit from a multipronged approach that addresses the source, removes particulates, manages the humidity and sanitizes the air that travels through your HVAC equipment.

Indoor Air Quality Concerns

According to the American Lung Association, more than 70 million adults and children are vulnerable to poor air quality. Individuals who have asthma, allergies or medical issues, such as COPD, diabetes and heart disease, are more susceptible to particulates, chemicals and airborne pollutants. If you have air quality concerns related to excess humidity, poor ventilation or allergens like pet dander, we can recommend a variety of solutions.

Whole-House Air Purifiers

Air cleaners are one of the most effective tools for eliminating allergens, irritants and germs. The products that we install work in concert with your HVAC equipment to clean the air around the clock. These systems feature specially engineered filters that use a low-voltage static charge to attract incoming particles. Our whole-house filtration systems require minimal maintenance and deliver continuous results.

Air Humidifiers and Moisture Management Tools

Humidity is the root cause of many air quality issues. Excess moisture can make the air feel sticky or clammy, and it contributes to microbial growth and dust mites. On the other hand, dry air during the heating season can cause respiratory irritation and discomfort. If your home has humidity issues, we can recommend a whole-house humidifier or dehumidifier that balances moisture levels throughout the year.

Mechanical Ventilators

If your home feels stuffy or suffers from low air movement, a mechanical ventilator can help. These systems reduce pollution and carbon dioxide by exchanging indoor and outdoor air. Ventilators consume small amounts of energy, and they use HVAC-like technology to balance the temperature and remove excess humidity at the same. Increased air-change rates can provide relief from year-round air quality concerns.

Consult an IAQ Expert

Cumberland Valley Heating & Air Conditioning offers personalized solutions for all types of indoor air quality issues. We’re happy to help homeowners in Frederick, MD, Hagerstown, MD, Martinsburg, WV, Chambersburg, PA and the surrounding areas.


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