Furnace Repair

5 Furnace Sounds and Smells That Mean You Need a Repair

January 26, 2022

You rely on your home’s heating system to provide a constant supply of warm air. But how do you know if you have a failing furnace at your Hagerstown, MD, house? Hearing any of the following furnace sounds or smelling these weird odors means you need a professional heating repair company right away:

Screeching or Whining

Two reasons for these sounds include a damaged blower belt or dry shaft bearings. To prevent further problems, call a heating professional for an inspection.

Metallic Scraping

Some furnace sounds you never want to hear, like metal-on-metal scraping sounds. Possible reasons for this sound include:

  • Blower wheel damage.
  • Damaged motor mount.
  • Detached shaft.
  • Stressed belt.

Turn off the furnace immediately to reduce the risk of further damage. Call a heating repair professional to fix the problem ASAP.

Banging Sounds

Delayed ignition causes the furnace to produce a loud bang upon starting. Dirty burners usually contribute to the problem. The soot prevents the gas from reaching the burners. The gas builds up waiting to ignite the burners and releases all at once when the burners finally ignite. Schedule a maintenance service to clean the burners and avoid more problems.

Burning Odors

Do you smell an odor like burning plastic when the furnace runs? Scorched wiring, damaged electrical components or a broken fan motor make this smell. Get repairs right away to prevent electrical fires.

Rotten Egg Odors

Never dismiss rotten egg odors in your home. The most likely reason for this smell relates to a broken heat exchanger. This serious problem puts your home at risk of unsafe levels of carbon monoxide (CO). Take immediate action and turn the furnace off. Open windows to air out the house and remove possible CO gases. Call for emergency heating repair services right away.

Do you hear weird furnace sounds? Do you smell strange odors? Call Cumberland Valley Heating & Air Conditioning for heating repairs today!

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