HVAC System In Snow

How Mother Nature Can Ruin Your HVAC System in Cumberland, MD

November 26, 2020

Snow is one kind of weather that can impact your HVAC system in Cumberland, MD. Snow and ice may sometimes build up on your HVAC system, especially on a very cold day. Read on to discover how snow can harm your HVAC system and what preventive measures you can take to avoid this.

Normal Ice Buildup

On cold days, some ice may build up on your system. This happens because the refrigerant works by absorbing heat from the air outside, even in winter. The processing coils may freeze when the HVAC system absorbs extra moisture on cold days.

Snow Damage

Your HVAC system switches to a mode of heat distribution in the event of an ice buildup. This helps melt the ice off the coils while the backup heat keeps the house warm. The real problem occurs when the ice cuts off the airflow to the defroster.

Snow can build up on the outdoor unit, and the defrost cycle also might not work. This increases the system’s electricity usage and strains the entire system. You might need repairs as a result.

Usually, snow and ice will only make your HVAC system work inefficiently. However, if snow encases the unit, it can cause an emergency shut-off. An emergency shut-off prevents any heat from reaching the home and can result in busted pipes.

Snow can also bend the aluminum fan on your system if it builds up enough. The buildup of snow can bend the HVAC system’s coil fins as well. These bent pieces may even make the fins break.

Protecting Your System

First, install outdoor units at least 6 to 10 inches from the ground so they’re away from regular snowfall. You can also use fences or shrubs to construct a wind barrier. You should make sure that the wind barrier allows airflow and servicing of the unit.

Contact Cumberland Valley Heating & Air Conditioning today if you need a new HVAC installation. We can help keep your HVAC system protected from ice and snow this winter and make repairs if damage occurs.

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