Snow-Covered Heat Pump

How Snow and Ice Can Impact your Heat Pump in Frostburg, MD

December 26, 2021

One common heat pump problem you may encounter is ice buildup on the outdoor unit. Ice accumulation can damage your system. Here’s how ice can impact your heat pump’s efficiency and longevity in Frostburg, MD:

Ice Buildup and Airflow Blockages

When temperatures drop in the area, it’s advisable to watch for frost buildup. Ice can accumulate on the outdoor unit. Your heat pump may activate a defrost cycle by switching to cooling temporarily.

But if the ice continues to build up, there could be an issue with airflow to the outdoor unit. Since heat pumps heat by pulling air from the surroundings, airflow blockages can reduce their heating capacity. You can restore your heat pump’s performance by thawing the ice from the outdoor unit.

Heat Pump’s Efficiency and Performance

Ice buildup can reduce your heating system’s efficiency and impact your indoor comfort. Snow will diminish the heat pump’s capacity to pull heat energy from its surroundings.

Conversely, a heat pump can accumulate ice due to malfunctions or inefficiency. For example, if there’s no adequate clearance around the outdoor unit, ice is more likely to build up. You should contact a heating repair service technician if the issue keeps recurring.

Component Malfunctions and Corrosion

Melting snow can flow into the heat pump, forcing the system to shut down. Water may run through the intake pipe or the exhaust and melt again inside the unit.

The location of the heat pump can also expose it to melting ice. Check if there’s a gutter letting water flow into the outdoor unit. Water can damage the internal components like valves and the control board.

Water and moisture can trigger rapid corrosion that will damage components in your heat pump. Your system will have to overwork to regulate indoor temperatures. That’s why it’s advisable to address the issue promptly.

You can rely on us top-notch heat pump repairs. With three-plus decades of experience, our NATE-certified team can restore your unit’s efficiency. Talk to Cumberland Valley Heating & Air Conditioning for unrivaled home comfort solutions in Frostburg, MD.

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