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Do I Need Spring HVAC Maintenance in Martinsburg, MD?

June 3, 2021

Summer is right around the corner in Martinsburg, MD. As such, your thoughts turn to keeping yourself comfortable with efficient air conditioning. If you’re wondering if you need last-minute spring HVAC maintenance before summer starts, read on to learn why you should schedule it.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system contains air filters that trap pollen, dust and other particulates that contaminate your home’s air supply. With spring HVAC maintenance, a service technician cleans your system and replaces your air filter. As a result, it keeps your home cleaner and reduces allergy and asthma triggers. We recommend changing or cleaning your air filter every month during peak cooling season to maintain good indoor air quality.

Fewer Air Conditioner Repairs

That last thing you want is for your HVAC system to quit on you during the hottest days of the year. With routine spring maintenance, you prevent issues from becoming serious problems down the road.

Longer Service Life

The average service life for an HVAC system is between 10 to 15 years. Without routine maintenance taking care of issues before they become serious, the service life of your system is cut in half. A longer lifespan ensures that you don’t have to pay to replace your system before needed.

Lower Electrical Bills

Without regular maintenance, the efficiency of your HVAC system decreases as it suffers from wear and tear and becomes increasingly dirty. This causes your system to work harder than needed, using more energy to keep you comfortable. As a result, your utility bills skyrocket, and you’re left wondering if you’re using your HVAC system too much.

Warranty Stays Valid

Your warranty protects your system in the event of a breakdown due to a manufacturing fault. However, you need to make sure you protect your warranty in turn, as warranties require proof that a service technician serviced the system annually.

Don’t let the hot summer months ahead catch your system by surprise. Instead, contact Cumberland Valley Heating & Air Conditioning today to have a service technician provide you with the AC repair or maintenance services you need.

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