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3 Signs Your Commercial HVAC System in Keedysville, MD, Needs Service

June 3, 2022

The good thing about your commercial HVAC system in Keedysville, MD is that it’ll typically alert you when something is wrong. That way, you can take the necessary steps to prevent a complete shutdown. Here are some signs your commercial HVAC system needs service:

Increased Power Bills

Unusually high electric bills are common in establishments with malfunctioning commercial HVAC systems. When a component in your HVAC system is failing or wears out, it struggles to heat or cool your business. As a result, it’ll work for more hours than it normally would.

In some cases, an increase in energy consumption might be because of dirty or clogged air filters. Other times, your old system might be due for a replacement. To determine what might be causing the problem, reach out to a commercial HVAC service provider.

Unpleasant Smell

A smelly establishment will affect not only your employees’ but also your clients’ comfort. Don’t take smells coming from your HVAC system lightly.

Although at times the odor could be due to dust and dirt accumulation, other times, you might be dealing with a gas leak or an electrical problem. To protect your employees’ and clients’ health, shut the system down immediately and request expert commercial HVAC repair services.

Disruptive Noises

Is your loud and noisy commercial HVAC system causing discomfort and difficulties communicating? Such noises are a clear indication that you need repair services.

Buzzing, rattling, clanking, banging and clinking sounds are among the most common from failing systems. Therefore, when you hear one or more of these sounds, have a service technician check your system. When ignored, the problem intensifies, demanding more expensive repairs and possibly even replacement.

Our trustworthy NATE-certified service technicians have been offering exceptional HVAC services for decades. With us, you can be sure of optimal results at a budget-friendly cost. Contact Cumberland Valley Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule commercial HVAC repair services.

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