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3 Signs You’ll Need an Emergency Air Conditioner Repair Soon

May 17, 2020

Summers in Hagerstown, MD, are warm and humid, and you rely on your air conditioning system for relief. Regular maintenance prevents a lot of air conditioner problems, but it’s possible that a part could wear out or get damaged during the midst of the summertime. Knowing what to look for and listen to could help you avoid the hassle of a broken air conditioning system. These are the top three signs that you’ll need an emergency air conditioner repair soon:

Loud or Unusual Sounds

During a cooling cycle, an air conditioner’s compressor clicks on and makes a humming sound. However, loud banging, grinding, squealing, screeching or thumping sounds aren’t normal. If you hear hissing, gurgling or any other unusual sounds, you’ll soon need an air conditioner repair.

Vents Blowing Warm Air

If your air conditioner is running and the vents are blowing hot air, there’s a problem with the system. It might have a dirty filter, refrigerant leak, blocked duct, thermostat malfunction or some other issue. An emergency air conditioner repair now could prevent much bigger problems from happening later.

Rapid Cycling

During a summer heat wave in Hagerstown, you can expect the air conditioner to cycle a lot. However, if you hear the air conditioner turn off and almost immediately turn on again, there’s a problem. Frequent cycling on a day that’s not too hot also suggests an issue. Rapid cycling often results from a capacitor or electrical problem, but it could also be caused by low refrigerant or something else. A professional inspection determines the cause so that appropriate repairs can be made.

Your air conditioner will warn you when it’s about to malfunction. By paying attention to these signs, you can arrange for an air conditioner repair as soon as possible. Prompt repairs prevent you from sweltering inside of your home. To learn more about the signs of air conditioning problems or to schedule an air conditioner repair, call Cumberland Valley Heating & Air Conditioning.

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