Ventilation: The Forgotten “V” in Your Home’s HVAC System

July 11, 2021

You already know an HVAC system heats and cools your home. But you might not know it’s a powerful source of indoor aeration. The H in HVAC stands for heating, AC stands for air conditioning and V stands for ventilation. Listed below are the benefits of proper ventilation in your Frostburg, MD, home.

Controls Indoor Moisture

Firstly, extreme moisture levels in your indoor space will attract bacterial growth, worsening indoor air quality. High moisture levels in your indoor spaces also trigger wood decay and drywall damage. Ventilators work to control the amount of moisture flowing indoors by supplying adequate fresh air.

By increasing fresh air and removing indoor moisture, you’ll keep your spaces feeling fresh and comfortable. To keep your indoor moisture under control and boost air quality, install high-quality energy recovery ventilators.

Prevents Issues With Backdraft

Ventilators control and optimize your indoor air pressure flow. They keep the air pressure indoors and outdoors at equilibrium. As a result, they reduce the instances when a backdraft will occur. A backdraft can significantly impact indoor air quality, making your home quite uncomfortable.

A professionally installed and adequately maintained ventilator will also prevent issues with combustion gases getting pulled through your chimney. That reduces the discomfort and negative pressure issues you might have to deal with in summer.

Keep VOCs Under Control

Finally, proper indoor ventilation aids in the easy removal of volatile organic compounds. These pollutants cause breathing problems and headaches. Therefore, it’s vital to eliminate them.

VOCs are common indoor pollutants you’ll deal with regularly. Ventilation systems boost the air circulation indoors, which reduces the total concentration of VOCs.

Is your home ventilation system not working effectively and efficiently? If so, call Cumberland Valley Heating & Air Conditioning. Our team can install most types and models of ventilators. We’re here to help you breathe easier and enjoy a higher quality of life.

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