Lower Cooling Costs

4 Ways to Cut Cooling Costs in the Hottest Months

August 1, 2022

You’re aware that running your air conditioning during the hottest months in Chambersburg, PA, will raise your monthly bill. The increase doesn’t have to be such a drastic one, though. Here are some ways you can effectively reduce your cooling costs this summer:

Change the Air Filter Routinely

The average pleated air filter lasts for 60 to 90 days before it clogs and becomes an obstacle to airflow. Such an obstacle will put stress on the AC motor and cause it to use more energy to do its job. The solution is to replace the filter regularly. Aim to check your air conditioner’s filter at least every month for clogs.

Keep the Area Around the AC Compressor Clean

Your AC compressor releases the heat that the air handler absorbed from your home, so make sure nothing like overgrown shrubs or dead leaves stands in its way. As for cleaning the compressor itself, you can have a professional do this during an air conditioner maintenance visit.

Use the Thermostat Features

Your programmable thermostat can let you create a cooling schedule that accommodates your work routine and times for sleep. When everyone is home, keep the set point at a reasonable energy-efficient temperature like 75 degrees, raising it to 78 or higher at other times.

Retain the Cool Air

A well-insulated, well-sealed home retains cool air for longer, which means less air conditioning usage. With the help of experts, you could identify areas, in particular doors and windows, that need sealing as well as places in the walls or in the attic that could do with more or thicker insulation.

If you live in Chambersburg, contact Cumberland Valley Heating & Air Conditioning for high-quality maintenance and the occasional AC repair. Though we’re a Trane Comfort Specialist and a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, we service all makes and models.

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